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Discussion in 'Maine' started by Coupol4, Jan 18, 2013.

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    I am planning a trip to Maine for 10 days in the first week of August and i am looking for ideas or stuff people do aside from hiking? I'm planning to do a lot of driving and exploring Coastal Maine so would like some input for day trips out of Portland and the Bar Harbor Area. Is 3 days enough in Portland? how many days would suggest spending in Bar Harbor/Acadia Area? thanks
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    Coastal Maine is absolutely beautiful during the summer, but you need to be aware that August is super crowded with tourists (I'd recommend you visit in the first week of September). Must see's and do's I'd suggest are visiting the Maine State Museum and taking a day trip to Two Lights Park/ Cape Elizabeth from Portland.
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    explore Maine's scenery

    I too suggest visiting Maine in September...honestly, you will not like the crowds in August if you want to spend a relaxing trip to Maine and drive along the coast. Portland has a lot of attractions but 2 or 3 days max should be sufficient. If you want to explore mainly Maine's scenery then, head to Kennebunkport, Moosehead and the Sebago Lakes regions. I'd also suggest a stop in Augusta on your way from Portland to Bar Harbor, then sticking to US Rt 1 from Ellsworth to Brunswick on your way back to Portland from Bar Harbor.
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    Kennebunkport is a lovely little sea coast town that’s fairly close to Ogunquit and worth visiting if you plan to visit Main in the summer. By the way, by the end of March most of Maine starts to become lively with towns busy opening up and getting ready for the new season.

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