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Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by travellerGo, Aug 28, 2012.

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    What is the best time to go to Switzerland and your recommended places to visit?

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    Peak tourist season is July and August when the weather is best. Less crowded months are April, May, September and October. If your doing a ski holiday consider December through March.
    What type of trip are you looking to do?
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    You can visit Switzerland any time throughout the year. Summer lasts roughly from June to September and offers the most pleasant climate for outdoor pursuits. Unfortunately, you won't be the only tourist during this period, so prices can be high, accommodation hard to find and the mainstream sights crowded. You'll find much better deals and fewer crowds in the shoulder seasons of April-May and late-September-October.
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    I personally love the spring but when I lived in Austria (went to university there), I remember how nice spring was -- lilacs and other flowers in bloom, etc. So I'd recommend April-May-June. It's popular year-round because there are various festivals or sports. I also like Austria (or any German-speaking area) at Christmas time because there's usually handicraft markets and I like German/Austrian-style Christmas traditions (hot spiced wine, winter sports, etc.)
    August is the month that most Europeans travel so you'll see more tourists than Austrians probably. September is also a good time to travel -- fall is a pretty time as well because the trees will change (Vienna Woods, for example). Fall is also the season for heuristic, the home made wine that is sold everywhere then. I think the music season starts up in the fall..
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    recommended places to visit in Switzerland

    I suggest arriving in Zurich and make Lucerne your Base for your trip in Switzerland so, you can visit the mount summits of Mt Jungfrau, Mt Titlis and Mt Rigi.

    Other must sees are the old towns of Lugano and Bern (Geneva), Gruyeres castle in in the medieval town of Gruyeres (Fribourg) and Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc. Also, dont forget taking a walk through Interlaken (walk through) and up to Murren and into the mountains and taking a boat trip in Thun lake to see the impressive karst caves.
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    Every time in Switzerland is tour time so you can visit Switzerland any time. However peak season is July to August considering the weather. If you want to go for skiing then winter season is best.

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