trip to Tallin in jan

Discussion in 'Estonia' started by cleana-clena, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Looking at a trip to Tallinn for 10 days next year (early jan) and could do with some advice and tips like drinking water from taps, safety etc. Also, aside from the city's main attractions we'd like to explore the surroundings. are there hiking trails in or very near to Tallinn?
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    must sees in Tallin

    For sure drinking water is safe in Estonia, never heard anyone getting sick from drinking tap water. As far things to do and see in Tallin, don't miss visiting Tallinn TV Tower (built during Soviet era), the Estonian History Museum in Maarjamäe Palace and the open-air museum. You can walk to these places from the old town, though it's best you catch the old tram.
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    hiking in Tallin

    I also second visiting the Estonian History Museum, though the palace is the main attraction because of the Soviet-era statues. The TV tower is quite far to be able to walk and the tram wont get you there because it's beyond the tram routes. Instead, you will need to get on 38 bus to get there. If you want to hike while in Tallinn, you're in luck because there are several hiking trails not too far from Tallinn like Paaskula raba, which is about 15 minutes by bus to get to.
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    Tunnels under Tallinn

    you gotta visit the tunnels under Tallinn. These tunnels have a lot of history and they were built in the late 1600's and were used by the locals to sneak behind enemy lines. During WWII and Soviet invasion they were re-outfitted as bomb shelters. Walking along them, you really get to take in how it would've been like living underground in these conditions.

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