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Discussion in 'US Virgin Islands' started by Heruiop, Apr 28, 2011.

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    My wife and I are planning a trip to the US Virgin Islands. We have three teenagers who will be with us. We want to find out what the best overall place to go is, place to stay, activities (kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing), location, view, beaches, etc.....We are currently looking at St. Thomas, but are not sure. Can anyone provide some overall guidance on where to go, where to stay, what to do, etc? Thanks.
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    If you're travelling with kids, especially older ones, you'll be better off in St. Thomas as it has a lot more to offer. For me, St. Thomas is pretty much like going to the states, with mcdonalds, kmarts, etc but it has a lot of island to offer also.

    By the way, snorkelling and scuba are awesome down there, though food is expensive! If you get a place with a kitchen, hit the local fish market (if you like fish).

    Also, just to let you know...on my trip there I went non-inclusive and for what we ended up spending on food and alcohol, really didn't make up for the $200 additional a day we would have paid for all inclusive.
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    Its nice but you have three teenagers & you're going to make your tour with your teenagers as well as your wife so where & how you will get romance, kiss & fun with your wife even you have yours three teenagers. Think about it ?
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    who says you can get jiggy with your hubby when traveling with kids? to the OP, anywhere in the US virgin islands will be great, though be sure to choose to stay in a family-friendly resort such as the The Ritz-Carlton, in St. Thomas, the Buccaneer, or the Chenay Bay Beach Resort in St. Croix.
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    things to do in US Virgin Islands with kids

    the main things to do in the US Virgin islands is trekking, snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports. I would suggest snorkeling in Buck Island if you fancy playing Robinson Crusoe with your kids. The island is rocky and has no beach but there is a great underwater trail where you'll see huge elkhorn coral, grottoes, turtles and thousands of fish.
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    Although 7 days may seem like a lot, the logistics of going to St Croix will take lots of time. Time you'd probably rather spend hiking, snorkeling or boating.

    I've never heard anyone say they like St Thomas better than St John. St John's beaches are nicer and there is less crime. Plenty of great hiking trails on St John too. The advantages of St Thomas are more amenities (in the form of Mc Donalds, K Mart etc) and it's cheaper than St John. The British Virgin Islands are close to both St Thomas and St John.

    70% of St John is a National Park... In my opinion, Skip St Croix, spend 1 or 2 days on St Thomas and find a resort or hotel on St John. Go on boat trips the the British VI, rent waverunners, go on hikes, beach hop.

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