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Discussion in 'Nepal' started by thesungo, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. thesungo

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    I am looking on line for a trustworthy trekking companies for an Himalayas trek. I absolutely have no idea where to star and how to hire one..all I know is that I'd like to do a trek there..please advise!:) thanks
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    You can either book a trip with an adventure company or choosing the DIY route. The adventure company will make all arrangements and will tailor the trek to your needs. In essence, the adventure company acts as a 'middleman'.

    If you prefer to do it yourself and cut out the 'middleman', you need to figure out where might be best for you to trek and that comes down to you fitness levels. I can say that Annapurna Base Camp trek is the best trek in Nepal as it's suited to all fitness levels.

    Next, you'll need to book guides, porters, etc and plan the type of accommodation that you want - either comfy lodgings or tents)

    Lastly, you need to get travel insurance that includes at least $60,000 in emergency medical evacuation insurance, and that's a must because you may need to be helicoptered out of the mountains.
  3. hsmile

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    We are are responsible trekking organizer in Nepal. We are always realize your time and money. i will commitment to you we are trustworthy trekking company in Nepal
    First tell us your interest of trekking route. We have three major trekking route in Nepal such as Annapurna, Everest and Langtang. If your in first time in Nepal or you don,t have enough high altitude experience. I will suggest Annapurna ghorepani trekking for beginner.

    For more information please visit our company Himalayan smile Treks and Adventures

    Thank you.
  4. superior

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    Nepal is best destination in the world for trekking and expedition. There are several company are working as a agent. So you can findout by serching in website but if anyone recomended for that, it would be easier to findout you. So i recomend that for snowy horizon treks and expedition is operating trekking , tour and expedition.You are intrested to know about nepal's trekking route,many people are choosing annapurna region to trek because on that route you can see beautifull panaromic view and easier than other.
  5. cobraFroch

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    hard to know a trustworthy trekking company

    to be honest, unless you know someone who has been trekking in Nepal you're gonna find it a tough job to find a good trekking agency! When I was in Nepal last year I could see too many trekking agencies in Kathmandu claming that they are good!
  6. NokkoValev

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    choose when in Nepal

    I too won't be "trowing in" any trekking companies like others in this forum. One thing I would suggest though it's not to book a trekking trip in advance. You will get a better idea of what suites you once you get there and can talk both to other travelers and the agencies. Usually you can find other people to trek with there as well.

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