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Discussion in 'Mississippi' started by lindarose, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. lindarose

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    We would like to visit Tunica - a friend was there and said it was great. It was a promotional "free" trip. Does anyone know how to get there. I'm not finding any airports close. Any other info you may have would be great.
  2. Andrew

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    Tunica is located in northwest Mississippi along the Mississippi river, and just 20 miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee. It has an airport but it is used by travel charters to the Tunica casinos. Just visit Mississippi airlines page for more information.
  3. wanderer

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    I would think your best best would be to fly into Memphis. It's a Delta hub, so there are plenty of flights available. Or you could fly into Jackson and make a drive up to Tunica. But Memphis is a whole lot closer!
  4. hbo34

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    going to Tunica

    I go a couple of times a year for poker tournaments, and I think one of the best places to stay in Tunica for gamblers is in the Grand Casino. It has an inside pool and hot tub, spa, gym, and several restaurants. It is by far the biggest casino in Tunica, so you get more tables, and slots. I like going to the Gold Strike when I'm there too, It is a beautiful casino.

    As far as entertainment, you shouldn't have a problem finding a show every night if you want to see one. Alot of famous singers and actors have shows there all the time.

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