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Discussion in 'Tunisia' started by mitraveler, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. mitraveler

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    The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for Tunisia due to the attack on the U.S. embassy. They've also removed all non-essential personnel from the country. Warnings have also been posted for Sudan and Algeria.

    Also the source for passport renewals, the state department monitors travel conditions around the world. They're wise to know about and consider if you're traveling to any of the three countries.
  2. YrLiveTV

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    America's policies on the middle east are really gonna backfire one of these days, espeiclaly with the latest controversial movie being put out - the innocence of Muslims. All this talk of US embassies being targeted abroad is a direct result of this, the wars and meddling in the region. Why bother with single warnings when the whole middle east (including north Africa) is on red alert...very sad state of affairs:(
  3. 20/20 catch

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    i dont really know what to make out of all of these travel warnings since there's one for Egypt too and tourists still go on vacation there. Nothing is happening in Tunisia aside from the US government removing their diplomats from the country. Call me crazy, but I think the "people" who allowed to air this controversial movie really want to make matters worse for all of us!
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    Tunisia non-travel warning is misleading

    It's interesting...I've just checked the UK's official travel site and they have no travel warning for Tunisia, but they go on to say the following and I quote: "while most visits to Tunisia are trouble-free, but all travellers should be aware that a state of emergency still exists in the country". The wording is so confusing and reading doesn't offer any reassurance. The way I see it...if it is safe is safe, otherwise, they sholdn't don't bother putting out misleading information.

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