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Discussion in 'Tunisia' started by Amid, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Amid

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    Could anyone please tell where all cash machines are in PEK and what currency they use in Tunisia? it will be my first visit to PEK and I'd like to avoid traveller's cheques if I can. Also, how many cigarretes and tobacco per person are you allowed to bring back with you?

    Hoping you can help
  2. JProd

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    You can buy cigarettes on the plane on the way to Tunisia and back for about $25 for a pack of 200, though in Tunisia the same packet will cost about about 4 Tunisian dinnar, which is about $3. Not sure about the quality of local cigarettes in Tunisia but the cheap price is well worth it. Do avoid buying from hotels since they tend to overcharge. As far as how many cigarettes you can bring back, i think that you can legally bring 200 per person but that was 2 years ago...
  3. lastrD

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    ATM's in PEK

    The Tunisian currency is the Dinar, which by the way, you can't take with out of the country when you leave. Good thing is that the exchange rate is fixed so you will get the same rate of exchange wherever you are in the country. As far as PKE, there are several ATM's located in the centre of PEK and near the arch. Honestly, you can't miss them since there are so many of them. Oh, dont bothered with travellers' cheques, they're pretty useless in Tunisia.
  4. Bonnys

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    tipping in Tunisia

    You can exchange money at one of the airport's bank or exchange counters but it's a good idea that you only exchange a small amount for your initial needs and exchange more money on a need basis. Make sure you request coins as you will need them for taxis and tipping, though be aware that in Tunisia any kind of help from the locals means a big fortune in tips;)

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