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Discussion in 'Turkey' started by SherryA, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. SherryA

    SherryA New Member

    hi, what's the weather like in Turkey during January? I want to experience the Turkish bath of Istanbul, have anyone had any experience on Istanbul's Turkish Bath. Is it available in January? I'll be in Istanbul between January 15th and 23rd, can anyone help on this please :)
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    I was in Istanbul few years back and it was very cold & rainy. The temperature was not over 15 deg. Celsius and if you like to visit beaches, then I wouldn't recommend Turkey during January. Even Eastern Turkey is in the icy grip of winter and there is nothing much to do throughout Turkey. so better plan your trip to some other place like Egypt. It'll be warm enough to spend your vacation.

    Turkish bath is a healthful steam bath and all Turkish cities has many hamams. So expereince the Turkish bath in June, July or August. And it's good to have a look at the weather report before you pack for your Turkey vacation:)
  3. SherryA

    SherryA New Member

    Thanks for helping me to get a clear idea of Turkey's weather in January. I always like summer, so i'll plan my Turkey vacation next summer. As you said, now I'm thinking of planning a trip to Egypt and suggest some ideas to make my trip easy. how about Egypt hotels? suggest some important attractions of Egypt to visit within 9 days.
  4. sweetcaroline49

    sweetcaroline49 New Member

    Re: Heading to Egypt

    There are lots of great beaches in Egypt. Along the Mediterranean head for Alexandria. However, many tourists like the Red Sea Area of Hurghada. Lots to do there, surfing, scuba and usual swimming bathing. Other things include visiting the Pyramids, Tour the Nile River, go shopping in the bazaar. There are ancient ruins, mosques and museums that may be interesting as well. One thing to remember about Egypt is that it is a Muslim country so bring along some loose fitting pants and long skirts and shirts with sleeves for when you are out of the resort area. Men don't wear shorts off the beach.
    There are dozens of sites with offers of tours of Egypt. Have fun, bring your sun screen.
  5. smallbig

    smallbig New Member

    Hi guy's new to the forum!

    Im debating whether to go to Turkey in late August or late September. I would hope to get a good sun tan then and be able to sun bath and go in the pool with out feeling cold though. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I think your choice of late September is more sensible than late August, especially if you have problems adjusting to the intensity of the sunshine. Late August would be great for water sports and sun tanning but not if you have plans to go out exploring the area.

    September isn't bad in Turkey, though it depends where you plan to go. From experience, weather is still very hot in the first few weeks of September tough the nights are cool, which is great as you'll be able to sleep easier.
  7. kevinferguson

    kevinferguson New Member

    avoid Turkey in mid-summer

    I would not go to Turkey in the middle of summer folks unless you're used to extreme heat that is! Even then, you won't be able to bear the heat, trust me.

    Having said this, coastal places like Cappadocia will be a bit more dry and less hot in the evening cool than in other parts of Turkey. The good thing though is that most hotels in Turkey are air conditioned, though if you plan to visit ruins you'll find it unpleasant unless you take off early in the day and finish later in the day.

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