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    I spent some time comparing the pros and cons of renting a car with Turo. Turo is a new car sharing platform similar to the AirBNB model where users can rent "car vs. lodging" when not in use. In the case of renting a car in Oahu at the Honolulu Airport I found Turo to be $50 more expensive plus the the case of one owner he required the car to be washed and vacuuming upon return.

    The Turo service is still so new my insurance carrier Allstate didn't even hear about them and then after researching they said no coverage. Selecting Turo insurance increased the price by $40 for 3 days.

    The other question is what if the car breaks down who is responsible? With Turo again it's a gray area where if its wear and tear then your not liable. But if its negligence on your part then the user is liable.

    See attached screenshots for the detail of pricing the lowest priced Rental car company Advantage vs. Turo.
    At least this trip I'll stick with Advantage Rent a Car in Oahu. Does anyone have an experience using Turo they would like to share?
    TuroVsRentalCar.JPG TuroVsRentalCarCompany.JPG

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