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Discussion in 'Italy' started by mitraveler, Jul 20, 2012.

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    We had a nice discussion going about Florence, and I'd love to talk about adding on a tour of Tuscany. It's easy to visit on a daytrip...and you can soak in the views and the tastes of Tuscany. On a relaxed-pace tour, you could visit vineyards, taste chanti wine, eat really well, and see some amazing works of art.

    Have you been to Tuscany? What would you say are the must-sees on Tuscany Tours?
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    traveling to Tuscany

    I have been to Tuscany a few times, normally in the autumn because weather is great, hardly any crowds and everything is so cheap! I would recommend going to Tuscany for at least 7 days, there's so much to see such as Florence's historical city center, which is home to the Piazza Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto's Bell Tower and Baptistery. You should also make time for a day in Chianti, San Gimignano and Siena.
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    The food is the first thing that I would say you need to see in Tuscany. Chanti Wine is big here, and many of the wineries are available to tour. Of course you have lots of amazing culture too. The statue of David is is in Florence and the cathedral of Sienna is another wonder in the region.
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    touring Tuscany with a guide

    i went with my other half back in May this year and i would recommend doing a tour. we first though that going it alone would be best, but im glad we went with a tour operator. you will get to see much more with a guided tour and appreciate Tuscany in a short time.
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    I have done Tuscany Harvest Tour from florence.

    Harvest tour in Tuscany takes you through some of the most magnificent wine territory in Tuscany. There are dozens of different varieties of Tuscan wines you will sample during the course of the tour and Super Tuscan, Brunello and Nobile varieties etc. You can start The amazing tuscany tour from Florence.
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    Don't know if this is part of any tour but Saturnia and its invigorating and soothing thermal springs and refreshing waterfalls are definitely one of the things to see and do when visiting Tuscany.
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    I have been to Florence twice and enjoyed my trip a lot. The beauty of the place is really amazing and want to go again .

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