two-day trip to the Burica Peninsula

Discussion in 'Panama' started by NatalieRoss, Feb 18, 2013.

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    I came back last week from a great trip to Panama. Besides eating, drinking, and enjoying the sunshine and great weather, I took a two-day trip to the famous Burica Peninsula, which is south of Puerto Armuelles (west side of Chiriquí province). It was quite a drive to get to the tip of the point, but with the knowledge of my local guide I had no issues.

    Here attached are a set of photos that show how beautiful this area is.

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    visit the Embera Indians

    Panama is really a cool place to be...did you manage to ride a “Red Devil†bus? They are school buses imported from the United States, which have been revamped into amazing pieces of moving art. you can't really miss the. As a day trip, I did take a canoe trip up the Chagres River to visit the Embera Indians. I got to eat traditionally-prepared foods, learn the native customs, and even get a tattoo.
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    I have spent many vacations in Costa Rica and Panama but have never been to Burica. Looks like a beautiful place. One of the activities I enjoyed the most in Panama was cross the river in a 4×4 to get to the San Blas Islands. You can rent a four-wheel drive, but it's probably better to hire a professional driver..
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    day trip to Taboga

    If you're staying in Panama City, I suggest taking a day trip to the tiny island of Taboga (it’s just 12 miles off Panama’s Pacific coast). It's probably the best island in Panama to get a true local flavor and the views of the waters there are amazing. From Panama City, Getting to Taboga is pretty's just $10 round-trip and less than an hour each way by ferry.

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