U.S. Mint open again

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by mitraveler, Jan 27, 2013.

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    It was closed for nearly two years, but the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia is once again welcoming visitors. The mint now has new displays and exhibits that explain the history of the mint and U.S. currency, Did you know that the mint has been part of the Philadelphia skyline since 1793?
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    the Philadelphia Mint is the oldest and largest

    I didn't know before that the mint has been part of the Philadelphia skyline since 1793 until I visited. It was worth the detour because I've always wondered where and how coins are made. If you're visiting Philly I'd say that it is worth visiting, especially if you're an amateur coin collector. It takes about 45 minutes to see it all, though you can be there longer since it's a self guided tour.
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    watching the coins being made

    I went there the day it opened and all I can say is that this place was just cool! I stayed there two hours later and could've been longer if wasn't for the huge the line of people that went around the block.

    I got to learn about the history of the mint and see the process of how coins are made form beginning to end. I too suggest visiting this place even if you've been there before because they have dome some upgrades to the visitor's experience, which really shows!
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    There's a lot going on in Philly but I had no idea the Mint had reopened. I just took a look at the site to learn more. Looks like an interesting tour and definitely one of the things to do to add to the itinerary when visiting the city.

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