Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital

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    For those of you who think there's not much in Mongolia but yaks and grazing lands, you will be pleasantly surprised by Ulaanbaatar. This distinctly Mongolian city offers a mix of modern conveniences and old world charm. A lot of the city's events and shopping take place along Sukhbaatar Square, in front of the capitol. Ulaanbaatar also has great restaurants, especially along Peace Avenue.
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    Can I admit I was one of those people who knew nothing about Mongolia past the yaks? This sounds really interesting! How do you get there? What kind of flights are available?
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    going to Mongolia

    hey mitraveler, Mongolia isn't cheap to get to and the costs are pretty high (I think between $2000 to $3000) for a two week vacation including a few side tours. Btw, March and April can be harsh months weather wise to be going to Mongolia so I'd suggest leaving a trip to May or early June.

    are you planning to go to Mongolia?

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