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Discussion in 'Syria' started by mustak, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. mustak

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    hi, I heard that Umayyad Mosque Syria is the one of the largest and holiest mosques in the world and my father wants to visit soon. He is in mid seventies and he would like to visit his friend who is living in Damascus as well. but we donot know his friend is living in Damascus still now, only my father has his address that's it, no phone number.And this my first visit to Syria and don't have any idea on anything. so please suggest a nice place to stay in Damascus and advice to get into Umayyad Mosque. thanks for all.
  2. Andrew

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    yes, Umayyad Mosque is a great mosque of Damascus and a must see one. I have visited with my brother in the evening and it was scenic and charming. My brother donates some money and took many photos. It's very big and took us a long time to see completely. we have stayed in the Sheraton hotel for 2 nights and visited many places. This hotel is located Omayad Square and a nice place to stay, may be you can try this. The Umayyad Mosque is located in the old city of Damascus and easily accessible from this hotel.

    Apart from Umayyad Mosque, we have seen Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq, Al Azem palace, The national museum of Damascus, Damascus center and Archaeological park. Hope this helps and let me know if you need any further info. good day!
  3. mustak

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    thanks for your reply. I'm looking for some more hotel to choose from, can anyone suggest some more places to stay... so that i'll book it out soon.
  4. oneoldone

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    hi, Damascus has most interesting places as well as good places to stay. The Al Jalaa Cham hotel, Carlton hotel Damascus, Cham palace hotel, Fardoss tower hotel and Semiramis hotel are some of the hotels you can choose from. But travel Damascus anytime from March to October, other months have some festivals and you can't get accommodation easily. So book in advance and make your trip comfortable:)
  5. shadi

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    Hi .. I dont want to speak about how great and holy Ummayad Mosque is .. But i just want to recommend a website good for finding a place to stay in Damascus .. With a very wide range of availabilities in most of the important districts in the city .. You can find rooms with or without a Syrian Family, apartments, or house

    Best wishes

  6. mustak

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    thanks for your replies guys, i have booked our accommodation at Semiramis hotel which is located close to the old town and that's why i made a reservation. Even it has a restaurant, so problem at all with my father :)

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