Underwater Virtual Tour

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  1. d360

    d360 Administrator

    360 of the Day: Underwater Virtual Tour
    in Dominica This is Soldierfish Cave in about 30ft of water.
  2. Conti

    Conti New Member

    Nice photo. Can someone explain how this is done? Especially under water?
  3. d360

    d360 Administrator


    it involves a very experienced photographer, a underwater camera, multiple strobes, a tripod with 60lbs of weight. After completing photography then electronically the images are assembled.
  4. Conti

    Conti New Member

    Thanks so much for explaining. Sounds really high tech. And fun.
  5. amherstisland

    amherstisland New Member

    For some reason your explanation makes it even more beautiful. I guess the more technical something is (challenging) the more we appreciate its beauty.


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