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    Along with the amazing scenery, there's the chance to connect with history on this lovely little island. The Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site also is a national park. It protects 5 volcanos, waterfalls, lush greenery and even a boiling lake.
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    hiking Morne Trois Pitons

    well i live in Dominica and I really like this site, and there is no better way to explore this national park than with a guide...mind you, the terrain is unforgiving but its well worth the aching legs to see this great wonder. Our guide cost around $90 for two people, which may seem steep, but this is very remote part of the country.
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    sites in the Caribbean

    the best bits about Morne Trois Pitons park have to be the natural attractions like trafalgar falls, and emerald pool, which is been featured in several movies and has also been used as a place to be married at! Morne Trois is also one of the most beautiful spots in all of the Caribbean so dont miss it!
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    This would be a lovely place for a wedding! What a romantic idea.

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