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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by Vicolette, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Vicolette

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    A question for seasoned cruise ship travelers. What, if any, are some unexpected problems or issues you've experienced while cruising that isn't addressed in the travel brochure that folks new to traveling by ship may also encounter along the way?
  2. Hkopo09

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    One common issue you may run into is not receiving your cruise documents on time. To avoid this, what I do is call up the cruise line (or travel agent if you book thru them) and ask them when they expect to send out the documents so then, I call the cruise line if they don't arrive on time.
  3. Df.Tommi

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    I dont consider myself a seasoned cruiser but once my wife and I were late and missed the cruise. I thought the ship would wait for us but as it turns out not all ship captains will delay departure for guests arriving late to the port. The lesson I learned was to give myself at least a 4-5 hour window of time between flight's and the cruise ship's scheduled departure time.
  4. CameronD

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    Did you try calling the cruise? cruise lines have an emergency number which you can use to contact them if you are going to be late. Even if you do and you still miss the ship it's not all lost because if you're late because of the airline, then the airline has the duty to deliver to the next port of call.

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