Unique way to vote for the Great Barrier Roof

Discussion in 'Australia' started by wanderer, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    The Great Barrier Reef is up for one of the New Wonders of Nature, which will be voted on by anyone who has something to say about it. Tourism Australia is so excited about this, they've set up a pooling booth on the teeny-tiny island of Upolu Cay. This little sandbank is located a quick trip northeast of Cairns.

    On the off chance you won't be visiting Upolu Cay before November 11, you can vote for your favorite wonder on Facebook.
  2. AliCat

    AliCat New Member

    Thanks for the heads up! What a cool opportunity. I'll check out the FB page, and hopefully I can vote for more than one of them. I checked out the list & the Cliffs of Moher are on it; Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world, so it would be hard to pick between those two!
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That's the hard part about picking a winner--you have to make a choice! I haven't voted yet because I can't decide. They're all amazing, and I could make a good case for about any of them! The Cliff of Moher are amazing too!

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