United Airlines food upgrade from June 1

Discussion in 'Flights' started by AmazingGrace, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. AmazingGrace

    AmazingGrace New Member

    Looks like United Airlines will be including free wine and beer for economy passengers on long-haul international flights and three-course meals in coach, as well as a free bottle of water and half-bottle premium wines and spirits. Interesting to see if the other airlines will follow suit...?
  2. OrangeWorld

    OrangeWorld New Member

    well, sounds like they're going back to basics...I remember the days when inflight food and drinks were free. What I don't get is why on earth they would offer free alcohol...I mean, that right there sends me alarm bells. Do they really want drunk people on their flights?

  3. Sofardist

    Sofardist New Member

    Trying to win passengers loyalty through their stomachs. It may work or it may not. Look for plane tickets going up...I don't see why United would give out free food unless they're hiking up prices somewhere else.

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