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Discussion in 'Uruguay' started by 30lool, Aug 20, 2010.

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    I am planning a trip to Uruguay next year with my buddy and we re hoping to get as much input as possible from the forum. If you have any Uruguay travel tips for us, please fire away!
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    If you're from the states, you only need a valid US passport for entry into Uruguay, but the passport must not expire within 6 months of your arrival/departure from Uruguay.

    As far as I know, American Airlines is the only carrier that has a direct flight from Florida to Montevideo, so if you leave anywhere in the states, you will be landing first in Buenos Aires, and then take a connecting flight to Montevideo.
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    As far as I know, Uruguayan authorities are rather easy with tourists nowadays, so you will be able to come without any worries. As for travel details, there are many tour companies that you can sign up with immediately once you arrive.
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    Due to strict agricultural regulations, travelers are prohibited from importing animal and dairy products, fruit and vegetables. All baggage is normally X-rayed and may be searched on arrival.
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    I would ofcourse visit the capital - Montevideo. But there are a lot of nice small cities along the sea, like for example Punta del Este. M

    Hope you will have a great vacation!

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