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Discussion in 'Malta' started by Jenna, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Planning a trip to Malta? I am learning Maltese at the moment before my trip to Malta this autumn. Here it's some Maltese words and phrases that I have learnt so far:

    Hello: Merħba ( Mair ha ba )
    How are you?: Kif inti ? ( Keef in tee ?) this is the more popular greeting
    Good morning: Bonġu ( Bon Jew )
    Good evening: Lejl it-tajjeb (Lay-l it tie-ebb)
    Do you speak English?: Titkellem bl-Ingliż?

    Can you think of anymore useful phrases?
  2. Pauseover

    Pauseover New Member

    English being the official language in Malta is kind of pointless learning Maltese. Even locals speak language widely and prefer using English when speaking to tourists. Maltese isn't particularly difficult to learn. The Maltese alphabet resembles that of the other European languages with some additions and omissions and with a different pronunciation.
  3. Cclay

    Cclay New Member

    It's true that there's no need to know maltese but in the remote areas of malta is a good idea to know it. A few more maltese phrases worth remembering are: Can I help you? (Nista nghinek), Thank you (Grazzi (hafna)), Good bye! (Caw) and How much is this? (Kemm jiswa dan).
  4. chickpeaz

    chickpeaz New Member

    the following phrases came handy for me:

    What does that word mean in English?: xi tfisser dik il-kelma bl-ingliż?

    What is that called in Maltese?: x'jgħidulha dik bil-malti?

    How much it costs per night?: x'inhi l-kirja għal kull lejl?

    I am sick: qed iħossni ħażin

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