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Discussion in 'Utah' started by teecee, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. teecee

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    So I know there are a lot of outdoor type of things to do in Utah but what happens when the sun goes down?! Are there some pretty good nightclubs in Utah? Good DJs? Great people? Or is it a bust?
  2. everyann

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    Located in the middle of the city you'll find Papiyons, which makes it a good spot. You'll find fine dining upstairs and a dance floor. It's a bit trendier than the mainstream crowd of Salt Lake but it's definitely worth a look inside. This is a 21 and older club located. Dress code is strict.

    Or check out Club Axis. A hovering disco ball is the centerpiece of the large main dance floor and a bar is set up on one side so you can refresh yourself throughout the evening. The club is divided into several areas: Annex 2000 has no alcohol and no age restrictions every night except Saturday, while the older crowd gathers in the Grand Ballroom to dance and drink.

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