Utila or Roatan for scuba diving?

Discussion in 'Honduras' started by Nofear333, May 5, 2015.

  1. Nofear333

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    If you are looking for a good time in Honduras as well as diving, i'd recommend staying in Utila town as it boasts lots of diving opportunities and young energetic nightlife. Specifically, I would suggest going to Utila's north side as it has fantastic deep walls and you'll have a better chance of seeing whale sharks and dolphins.
  2. tkmaxx

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    If you wanna see sharks come around mid-February through March to guarantee a whale shark experience. As far as Roatan or Utila, the diving is pretty similar. The main difference is the type of crowds. For instance, Roatan draws mostly American tourists plus the cruise ships come here 2 times per week so Roatan gets a little crazy during that time.
  3. mouhty67

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    Diving is great on both Utila or Roatan but overall Roatan has better coral and visibility while like the last poster said, Utila offers the chance to see whale sharks. Lodging, food, and alcohol are significantly cheaper on Utila too.

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