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    is there way to get direct flights to Utila Island?
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    Hi there,

    There are no direct flights from Europe or the US to the island so most people traveling to Utila land in in one of the main International Airports in Honduras such as Tegucigulpa or San pedro Sula and then, take the connecting flight via La Ceiba to Utila.

    Aerolineas SOSA and Atlantic Airlines are the only airlines with scheduled flights to Utila and operate these flights with small 15-20 passenger aircraft.

    The ferry is another option for transportation to Utila Honduras. The ferry departs from La Ceiba twice daily, in the morning and afternoon.

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    Dear Direct Flights…

    Let me know what you would like to see, experience & participate in during your time in Honduras.

    Yes, but it not all that easy?

    From where? SPS?, Teguc?, La Ceiba?

    Other country?

    Regards, Michel.

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