Uyuni to La Paz by bus

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    Flying is really the way to go but if you are in Bolivia on a budget and plan to travel from Uyuni to La Paz or viceversa, the bus will be the cheapest option (though bumpy). Todo Turismo is the tourist bus that does this route. It's one of the most comfortable buses in Bolivia you'll ever be on as they have wide reclining seats and heating. They also provide meal service and a small blanket.
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    tips for traveling in Bolivia

    Only use local taxis a few times to get to and from bus stations and airports. The rest of the time try walking around the cities you visit. Also, I suggest buying a Bolivian SIM (with Viva) to use with your iPhone or 3G phone to use internet when you are in a place with no wifi. Be aware that in Salar de Uyuni you won't find wifi or 3G signal, so you will have to pay to use an internet cafe.
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    Keep in mind that most roads in Bolivia are unpaved, though most major routes between cities like Santa Cruz and La Paz are paved. You will need a 4x4 when off the flatter altiplano. Be aware that in mountainous regions traffic sometimes switches sides of the road. This is to ensure the driver has a better view of the dangerous drops. There are frequent police controls on the road and tolls to be paid for road use.

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