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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by saltydog, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. saltydog

    saltydog New Member

    Has anyone had a problem with a vacation club by the name of GBS Globequest Travel Club in Cabo San Lucas? We bought a membership in March but now we think we have been scamed.
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi there,

    I checked out their website and they seem legit. Also, I can see any bad reviews about them on the net. Why do you think you were scammed?

  3. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi there,

    I heard scams like the Mexican Vacation Club, or others where the consumer uses a credit card for time payments, is that what happened to you on your holiday?
  4. saltydog

    saltydog New Member

    Yes we authorized payments on our MC. Part of our membership price was that they would take over ownership of a time share we have in Ontario. We've been wanting to get rid of it for some time as maintenace fees have gone up a lot, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity. But it's been 4 months and they keep giving us the runaround. They keep saying they're doing the paperwork but when we contacted our resort, they say no one has called.
  5. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Okay, I see now, it sounds like a time share scheme. Did you sign any kind of contract with them? Are they not allowing to cancel it?
  6. saltydog

    saltydog New Member

    It's not a time share. It's discounted vacations. We talked to them today and are giving them one more chance to do what they had agreed to. Yes we did sign a contract and we're way past the 5 day cancel time. But they have not kept their end by not taking over our timeshare, so I don't know where we stand.
  7. toly

    toly New Member

    Hi there,
    we've just bought our membership in GlobeQuest... and have lots of questions. First, they lost our trade in resort. It just not in paperwork, I caught it before 5 days and said them. So they brought ITC paper that they will take over. But it still not in our contract, so it looks like we bout our membership just only for cash, and trade in not in contract at all, so it could go on privite sale... So my question what is price for this membership. They said 39, 000$ but offered for 29,000. Trade in 21, 000 and cash 9,000. And the contract says only 9,000$. It looks like a scheme...How much did you paid for yours?
  8. leah2255

    leah2255 New Member

    Maybe you should connect with the club and see what happened. Or can you talk about what happened in detail?
  9. toly

    toly New Member

    Well I tried. They told that dropping the case and canceling the contract, but no any official paperwork.
    They are legal, but lots of flows.... Thinking about filing a law suite...
  10. saltydog

    saltydog New Member

    If you paid $39,000 for your membership, you really got scammed. We paid $3,300 and they agreed to take over the ownership of our timeshare. That was in March and the final paperwork still hasn't been completed. We are on the phone almost everyday with both our resort and Globequest.
  11. leah2255

    leah2255 New Member

    Poor guy. Did you keep the receipt or something can get them into the court? I mean sometimes we need the law.
  12. toly

    toly New Member

    No, thanks God, we did not pay. They wanted taking our Timeshare equal to 21,000$ and cash 8,900$. We paid only downpayment 2,400$, that is all. Checked their site and discovered that to take a week in their home resort is around 900-1000$ for one bed room. And it is almost twice higher then with our timeshare. So we send cancelation. Mastercard reluctant returning our downpayment, so we collect all facts about GQ. Today we will file complaint with BBB for their lies and manipulations. I just curious, how much in total you paid included your trade in? In my case it was 29,900$ (but I reclaimed ownership for my time share, and stop any payments from mastercard, so in worse case scenario it would be 2,400$). Reason why I am asking, because I have contract for cash only, and timeshare could goes as private sale, it is not mentioned in contract at all. So it looks like scam. I wanted cancel it even before 5 days collapse, but they managed to keep my interest till seven days and after that I send cancelation. Did you check their website and prices? As I said I filing with BBB and thinking about going to a lawyer. I am in Calgary. If you want joining and file with BBB, it would have more power. Or at least to give me facts on them.
  13. wakomama

    wakomama New Member

    Checked the whole company out, seem like they are legit. Not sure, what the problems are from reading the notes below.

    Is the problem, the pricing or the fact that they are slow to respond, or have not sold your exchanged timeshares?

    Before we purchased, we were careful to check out the Grupo Questro that runs them.

    They are one of the largest real estate developers in Mexico. However, am concerned that the info below may mean they are running a scam.

    Please let us know of the experience, and the problems with the timeshare, or service. Have you tried to book stays with them? How has that worked out?
  14. beachbabe11

    beachbabe11 New Member

    We purchased 6 weeks for 40,000 plus tax, cc. i thought that was a really good price compared to the timeshares that we've looked at in cabo. from what we've seen u cant get a week in a studio for under 17k. thought this was a good deal!?!?!?

    KELLYNDA New Member

    I was in Cabo 8 months ago, and bought at Globequest as well... have my confirmation for christmass at the problem so far.. just out of curiosity....what is the scam ???
  16. cabolover

    cabolover New Member

    Hi... group let me start off as another Globequest Member I have not had any problems.. I bought the membership about 6 months ago. I the bought the membership for about $20,000 for 4 home resort wks and 2 exchange wks and a priority pass, access card and 2 vacation certificates

    The program does offer good services. Now as many new travel services are at the beginning they will always have hiccups so you they may seem like a scam but they are long passed that now.

    A young fellow called George who works there always helps me and always produces results I call him my Globequest specialist. You may want to give him a call.

    They work with Groupo Questro which has the best properties and Golf courses in Cabo San Lucas which all of us have access too. As previous experience in timeshares in Cabo I trust Groupo Questro.

    In regards to Equity Exchanges from passed experience. It is very long process and takes a long time for any hotel or management to take it over.

    I don't want to sound bias but to call a company a scam on the grounds "that it may take long on an equity exchange to get processed" sounds ridiculous.

    I wish you all who have done equity exchanges with Globequest the best.. Keep us posted
  17. Bullrock4

    Bullrock4 New Member

    We are in Los Cabos and just bought a GlobeQuest membership 2 days ago for $9K, no other exchanges. Is this truly real/worth it? I wanted to do some compariable rates, but have no access to the GQ website to compare with Expidia, Travelocity, Bookit, etc? I was told that I could sell my weeks in Los Cabos if I do not use them. Also was told that my downpayment is non-refundable, if I do cancel the contract which is 5 days. Is this a real deal or a scame? Appreciate your input, as my days left to cancel are running out!
  18. beachbabe11

    beachbabe11 New Member

    Bullrock 4- ive been a member 4 a few months now and have already used my membership. We just got back from Hawaii staying at the Shell Vacation Club and only paid $341 for the week!! i also researched this same trip on expedia, travelocity, etc. and this was by far the best deal out there. i paid quite a bit more than you did for my package but still feel i got a good deal.
    As far as rental i was also told that they would buy back cabo weeks. i have already hooked up w their broker (R&R) and deposited next years weeks. I´m hopeful that the program will continue 2 work as promised.
    hope that helps ;)
  19. maru1

    maru1 New Member

    Hi... I bought the membership yesterday. I bought the membership for $13400 for 3 home resort wks (2bd,3bth) and 3 world resort (2bd,3bth) and a priority pass, access card, 3 vacation certificates, $499 canival cruise deal for 7days (platinum member) for 28yrs. 20% down on my visa card and 60 month payment with 9% interest came to about $235 per month. I have 4 days left to cancel it.
    I think I've got good deal but not so sure....They said it's end of the year and that's why they are giving away so much... but you can't really trust what salesperson says or can you?
    I bought this because I come to Los Cabos often for vacations. And they seemed to own many resorts here in Los Cabos. ( I didn't personally check it was all according to them ) And I was told that the Club owner is the owner of Corona beer company. Apparently he owns the airport here in Los Cabos too??
    I don't know if it's all true?? Now that I'm back in my hotel room...
    I'm having buyer's remorse.... uh.... Did I get a good deal... and did I pick the right vacation club???
    Globequest travel club seemed leget and all good at the time of buying.
    But I'm not so sure now after reading few people's reviews....
    It's just that there are not that many members to this club and not enough reviews about them have me worried now.
  20. Menny

    Menny New Member

    Seems like a scam to me. Be really careful and look out for lawsuit. If they aren`t bound to time, then things can get really difficult. You maybe find someone who bought with them and is happy with their service? Best regards - Hope its nothing too bad but it seems like alot of money so...

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