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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by saltydog, Jul 20, 2009.

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    i just came back from my THIRD trip since i bought w globequest. i used it to go to hawaii as i mentioned in an earlier post. i just got back from the Cabo Hilton for Christmas AND New years. I stayed in a one bedroom unit, paying only 650 dls per week. i checked the rates w the front desk and a HOTEL UNIT for the same week costs 495 plus tax per night. Buying w Globequest is the best purchase i have every made. Service was impeccable! They called me ahead of time to see if i wanted airport service. We even went downtown 2 casa dorado and they treated us fabulously as we are now members. We even checked out casa del mar which is pricey but totally worth it. You guys should be stoked, not worried.
    you did a good thing for your family!@!@

    if your not sure how to use it they have a call center or repost something here and i can help you out. as you can tell ive already figured this system out.
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    I say buyer beware!!!
    We just came back from Cabo and we own a timeshare in a hotel in cabo del sol so we were staying there. We attended a presentation at Casa del Mar and listened to all of the amazing deals that they had to offer. I tell you we ended up buying 2 weeks in a penthouse at their home resorts and 2 worldwide for 12,900.

    We then went to an owners presentation at our own resort and were told that it was a pretty new program and that they did not have a good reputation because they had no price integrity. We were told this by someone who used to work there.

    After hearing everything he had to say we agreed that the program is good for people who like making reservations a year ahead of time. He also said that the only thing that usually becomes available in the system is 1 bedroom suites and ocassionally 2 bedrooms hardly ever 3 bedrooms. He told me that you literally have to check every single day to make sure you get what you want. This vacation club is great for people who are flexible with their travel dates since you might not get what you want when you want it.

    I am ok with all of this but the problem I have is that I concider them unethical and after listening to all of their lies, coming over here and reading your post and comparing what you guys were offered and got, plus getting the facts from a former employee we canceled our contract.

    They said to us 4 weeks in a penthouse for 28,800, we said NO thanks, then he said 14,400 then. Then we walked away. While checking out I got to talking to a girl and she said that they could sell our current time share and discount it from the price. So we walked back in and talked to their sales director from another resort.

    He said that of course they could sell our time share and that he was going to check the current market prices. He came back and told us 16000. I said great!!! you keep my time share, sell it and give me a check for $1600. Then he said sorry but I can NOT do that, for that price I can only do a week at home resort, no penthouse and a worldwide week and I can NOT give you money back we have to talk about another price.Then he said how about 28800 minus 16000 we sell it to you for 129000. We said ok.

    We told him how do you go about selling our timeshare. What paperwork do you need? he said you know what since I am the director why dont you keep your timeshare sell it yourself and I know how to mark this so it looks as a loss in our paperwork. He said you will only get about 3 or 4 thousand for it and better you get the money than us. We just take the timeshares and hand them over to a realtor so he can sell them for us. So take your time share and sell it your self ( I believe his concience was talking here)

    So there it is... this people mark up and overinflate the sales price then give you bogus numbers so you feel as if you are getting a good deal. I believe that this people do give the timeshare to a broker and if he sells them great if he doesnt then great is a profit for them anyways. The real price of our timeshare is a lot less than what we paid for since some of you have gotten better deals than what we did. I think if they can get you for 28800 wonderful but if its 12,900 is also ok.

    The reason why I believe the timeshares are worth nothing to them and now I get it is because of what I said to take my timeshare since it is 16,000 and give me money back with the 14,400. This is where I see that they are really not discounting anything. They are stealing our timeshares and double diping with them. This is what the former employee said about their lack of price integrity.This is the reason why he said to me "please tell me you didnt give them your timeshare"

    So we cancelled 2 days later and asked for our money back. I wrote a letter of recission, had them sign a letter saying they got it. Got a letter in their letterhead stating the cancellation. I feel uncomfortable doing business with a company who treats their clients with such unethical ways. Then how can I believe anything they say when they start with a huge lie.

    Today the us office called me telling me that they wanted to activate my membership and that it was my welcome call. I told them I cancelled the contract. They asked me to fax them my copies of my letters so I did. I still do not have my money back in the credit card but then again it has not been 15 days.

    I am grateful that I came here and read your post.
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    I bought into Globe Quest and/or Groupo Questro on 12/28/09/.
    On the day after, they avoided us and did not want to talk to us by hanging up the receiver.
    They changed a few things from the application to the actual contract.
    I suspected scams. Later on I deduced that it was all lies, including the equity purchases.
    There is no such a thing as equity purchases, if you wait for that I suspect you may end up rotting. .
    On the other hand if they manage to to get rid of your time shares, its money in their pocket because
    they present you with a price on the membership, and that is what you pay, whatever else does not mater because they do not own your timeshares.
    I have filed a complain with the BBB in Florida and now trying to get my deposit back through GlobeQuest and also asking the consumer advocate PROFECO to help us and do have a record that we want to cancel within that five working days period as per Mexican Laws which stink anyway.
    Good luck to you and go to Mexico to vacation and buy food but not anything involving papers and signature.
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    BEACHBABE!!!! My husband and I bought into Globequest in September. I am still thinking it was a great thing for our son and for our future children because it will give us a chance to do more traveling. I am so glad to hear you have already been enjoying your membership. My husband is so sure we were scammed and I feel bad that he is so worried. I was hoping you could tell me how we go about depositing our weeks we are not going to use. (the r&r company) We did it for our 2009 weeks while we were there and already paid for our fee for it. We can't seem to find any number or website to deposit our weeks for this year and he is really freaking out. Please make me the hero and tell me what to do so he'll let me book a vacation with them!! Thank you so much, in advance.
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    Calling the deals in Mexico as scams is only 50% correct. If you buy a package and use that package or a number of packages until you can't walk no more then it is fine.

    You do not have to go on vacation but you have to keep on paying the fees which keep on going up and you can't skip any. If you ever want to go back to that resort that you did buy then first you just hope you still have your RTU or leasehold then if they let you get back in, then you will have to pay all the back dues plus penalties and late fees...

    The presentation is but a monologue of wondrous things which are in the most part false. There is no such things as equity trade, discount....renting......It is next to impossible to sell what you purchase today.

    The resort sold you a deal for the price it wants whatever else id just gravy for them if they manage to sell what you formally own....
    If you want to cancel you have to have WRITTEN PROOF that you contacted the resort within FIVE WORKING DAYS with no penalty. This is a Mexican law.

    Most credit cards will take the law seriously. They will actually go into the resort's bank account and remove the funds owed to you some 30 days (not working) after the date of your written cancellation.

    If the resort has a US office, you can run all your papers from here and lodge a complaint at the BBB of the local as well.

    The resort will usually take 30days to refund your money but it will come. You have to keep the pressure on though.
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    We just bought 2 days ago over $ 20,000 , and Im been reading all the complaints about these Travel Club and is just amazing, Im scared , We have 5 days to cancel the deal and we will, If anybody can tell us how is the best way to do it, we dont want our money in 1 or 2 months from now, that somebody can give us advice..................thanks, we think is a SCAM!!!!!
  7. khuong

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    I have posted some information earlier. You can direct-message me for more have five working days to deliver a provable written notice of cancellation.

    good luck
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    We bought Globequest in July of 2009 and it looks like we got a pretty good price! We had the same deal with the timeshare and I don't understand what you guys are so concerned about...

    They start out with some ridiculous price and they have some minimum price they will accept. Saying that they will take your timeshare is meaningless. It is just a way for them to say "Okay, we will take X amount off the price..." They dont WANT your timeshare and so it never shows up in the contract. They just discount the price but whatever they said they would and you STILL have your timeshare to deal with however you want.

    So far we have been happy. Like so many of these things, if they offer something good for you at a good price then it is worth it. I will have to say that I have found their customer service to be very helpful. We have used it mostly for getting a really good deal on condo weeks to take the kids to different places. You can't beat getting a week in a 2 or 3 bedroom condo for $300! So for us, it has been well worth what it costs.

    I would not say it is a scam - I think you really do get what they said you would get - you just have to make sure what you agreed to is really what you want. It helped that I was very familiar with prices for some of the things I wanted going in and was able to make an informed judgement on the spot...
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    Thanks for the feedback
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    We purchased a timeshare membership in Globequest Travel Club at the Casa Dorada Hotel in Cabo San Lucas in December of 2009. We paid a down payment of $1429.80 with a credit card process by "Hotel Reservations" - apparently a name used by GBS International, Inc. which is apparently the parent company of Globequest Travel Club.

    Mexican laws allows for unequivocal cancellation of time share purchases during the next 5 business days should you want out of your purchase.

    After much consideration we decided to cancel our membership and within the 5 business days we sent a certified letter to the Globequest Travel Club office in Florida advising of the cancellation and requesting a refund of our down payment. We have postal proof of the certified mailing and the a return receipt card showing proof of delivery signed for by someone by the name of George Jerez. However we were contacted by a Luis O. Torres of the same firm who refused to refund our money claiming that "they needed to have received the letter within the 5 days".

    The contract we signed was very specific about our right to cancel and that it had to be in writing but it says nothing about by when the Club has to "receive" the letter. We are obviously being scammed by this club.

    We have filed a complaint with Profeco, the Consumer Protection Division of the Mexican Federal Government and are also reviewing what legal action we might take.
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    On our last trip to Cabo (Santa Maria to be precise, Cabo was overpriced) everyone was selling timeshares, and it was like sharks in a feeding frenzy. At one point while my BF was wandering around alone I used a timeshare pusher to guide me around the local grocery store and translate things so I could find unsalted butter and other particulars. I'd say that's the best use for timeshare salespeople. ;)
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    I posted the original complaint about this company. We endended paying a little over 3000$ to them from our credit card. They are a scam. All this took place a year ago. They sent this very impressive brochere about all the discounts at hotels. When I booked on line with a hotel in New York The rate way was much lower than the rate offered by Global Travel. We had to cancel our credit card but we continue to get phone calls from them dayly about the amount we owed we them. We have not given them another dollar. They contune call almost every day. We have caller ID so we do not answerer when they call.We feel we have lost $3000 to this scam. This is a lot of money as we are retired and live on our pensions alone.
  13. Morgan

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    What are you actually planning for..?
  14. hawaii94

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    ...BUYERS BEWARE OF GLOBEQUEST OFFERED AT CASA DORADA IN CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO. YOU GET A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS YOU CAN BOOK 7 NIGHTS AT CASA DORADA EACH YEAR FOR ABOUT $1000 PLUS THE ANNUAL CLUB FEE OF $150. FOR THIS SO-CALLED "EXCLUSIVE PRIVLEDGE," YOU WILL PAY BETWEEN $14,000 TO $25,000. Some folks seem to think it's a good deal. It's hard for me to believe it's a good deal for anyone but if it works for them - SUPER. We've been duped for the last time by dishonest despicable sales people.

    We were definitely scammed at Casa Dorada when we visited Cabo San Lucas in March 2010 - Without a doubt the most unethical business practices we've ever encountered. They served strong alcoholic beverages for 4 hours while repeatedly trying to rope us into something we knew we didn't want. We said NO over and over and over and yet somehow by the time we left there, we were signed up for what they referred to as a "Free Look." We were told we could use their pool and facilities while on vacation and if at the end of the week, we still did not want to purchase anything, NO PROBLEM. Of course they neglected to mention the $3000 charge they ran to our credit card. The so-called FREE LOOK documents said nothing about having the RIGHT TO CANCEL. It was really just their way of stealing our money. For $15,000 plus giving them one of our timeshare weeks, we would have "the right" to stay at their resort each year for about $970 plus the annual dues of $150. (Those prices were subject to change and were not guaranteed for any amount of time) Think about it.
    Instead we flew from Chicago to Cabo, stayed in a very nice ALL INCLUSIVE Resort on the Beach, where the food was outstanding, the views breathtaking, the staff was friendly, the accommodations were beautiful , and the nightly entertainment was very enjoyable. WE LOVED IT! It didn't cost an arm and a leg and we weren't scammed by lying, scheming, manipulating, deceptive, phony employees.

    It took two months to get things straightened out when we got home. We sent a complaint to the Florida Better Business Bureau. That should have been our first clue that something wasn't quite right. We were supposedly purchasing the rights to use something in Mexico but the business address was FLORIDA. I can assure you we will never waste another minute of our vacation time to go to presentations anywhere. They want to rope you into buying something you don't need and don't want by using every deceptive business practice known to man.
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    vacation scam???i recently booked and paid for our 1st trip and recieved our confirmation.we got involved from my wifes parents who have owned a timeshare for over 10yrs with dreams resort,they recommended globequest because they too phurchased it and have traveled twice on that they inflate prices to show discounts ,,of course!ever bought a car?house?been lied to by a real estate person,lawyer?i have.when your out in the world try to be a little aware.
    my research told me they have thousands of timeshare members but only a few unsatisfied people i see here.if you have buyers remorse please try not to poison others because you`re not happy cancel or get on with it.globequest is fairly new try to work out your doubts first with them,,and if they help you it sure would be refreshing to see your retracction here!
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    Hi everyone, new member here. We just got back from Cabo. It was beautiful there. We purchased a 2 bedroom timeshare. We got 6 weeks, 3 home +3 international. A free 7 day stay at a resort in Cancun, with a free $700 credit voucher towards maintenance fees and a free week of breakfast at Casa Dorada. We paid 11,300 with 2200 down. From what I have been reading it sounds like we have a great deal! I'm not sure where I see the scam.

    I'm a little worried about the maintenance fees, they sold us believing that the fees were reasonable. I saw a fee for a week stay at Dorada was a $1000 but that was over New Years. I was told that was a high rate.

    For someone who has been in the program for awhile, do you find the fees reasonable?

    For those stating this is a scam, can you tell me why?

    Thanks for your time.
  17. BlackEyes

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    That's why I closely watch the vacation clubs that I join. I must admit that I had been scammed before, so I am now very careful on this one.
  18. qrjtyut

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    Great info on vacation club scams...can someone please help...Is buying a timeshare a good investment? If I decide to buy a timeshare, should I buy "new" from the developer or "used" as a resale?
  19. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Buying a timeshare is an investment in quality vacations and an investment in yourself, and not for resale for profit. See, what happens is that most people who buy a timeshare usually get disappointed as they are unaware that the resale market of most timeshares isn't great.

    Regarding your other question, buying from a previous owner will probably cost less than buying direct from the developer, though no matter what you do, I suggest researching your decision before you buy to secure the best deal for you.
  20. hitchmaker

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    tips for avoiding vacation club scams

    1. don't get a timeshare that offers too many incentives

    2. Most legit timeshares offer you a free hotel for a couple of nights. Avoid timeshares offering a free car, boat or a luxury vacation.

    3. Avoid going to a presentation as they involve very high-pressure sales tactics.

    4. Any timeshare that tells that to claim their expensive free gift boat you need to attend a presentation is a SCAM.

    Other scams include having to pay an 'administration fee' for a holiday, or having the company 'go out of business' after they take your deposit so, you really need to be on your guard so you won't become a victim.

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