vacation photos tips..please share!

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  1. jelafroz34

    jelafroz34 New Member

    hey! has anyone got any tips for taking great vacation photos? Every time I go on holiday and come back I wished I'd taken better pictures..I guess if you're a photographer you would know..anyone care to share their tips..thanks!
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    I know is frustrating to go on a trip only to return with lackluster pictures. What i've learn over the years that practice makes perfect. Before you go on holiday, take pictures of everything at home without the pressures of being on holiday, really makes the difference.

    A few tips, I've taken from photographers are, for example, if you want to take a picture of a landscape, don't just capture emptiness but also the foreground like the trees, a rock, etc.

    If you're photographing a sunset, turn your back against the sun and capture the landscape where the setting sunlight is falling. again, look to capture landmarks, not just the sunset!

    Another thing that most people seem to miss or forget is bringing with them enough memory cards and extra batteries to last them the whole trip.

    By the way, talking about sunsets, have a look at some cool sunsets

    There it is, hope these tips helped!
  3. travelabroad

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    Take photos of about everything on your trip and everything will magically turn out fine and show how you enjoyed it! Don't stress yourself over it.

    Good luck!
  4. fulango99

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    best tips ever

    funny, most people would think they know how to snap shots but the amount of people that return from their vacation with rubbish pictures is ridiculous. Straight of the bat I'd recommend buying a good quality camera. that would sort out most issues of poor image quality. I'd also recommend bringing a spare camera just in case. Imagine visiting places like the niagara falls and your camera falls overboard or stops working...don't say i didn't warn you. Stay blessed!
  5. hehem

    hehem New Member

    use high resolution

    don't forget to shoot images in high resolution if you want to blow up the pictures later on or even do some nice posters of your best shots. The only drawback of shooting in high res, of course, is that you will be using up more memory. Even then, remember that memory sticks are cheap but memories aren’t. therefore, bring as many mem cards as you can;)

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