Vacation Rental Tips for New Owners

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by michael123, May 20, 2008.

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    Whether you plan to use a property manager or if you plan to charge by owner, with the right road map, you can simply and successfully rent your vacation home. The key is to teach you before pitching in.

    Here are a few quick bits of advice:

    1) Create a business plan demarcation your goals and objectives. When incoming into any new effort it's vital to have clear idea of where you set and where you're headed. Before you start renting your home, start objectives and create a plan for achieving those objectives.

    2) Don't undervalue your vacation home. Look at the other rentals in your area for a test on how much you can charge for a stay in your home. Make sure that your property is competitively priced. You don't want to overcharge and miss out on possible renters, but you don't want to undercharge and lose income either.

    3) Display cases your vacation rental's best side with great photos. When a guest stumbles upon your listing, you have 30 seconds or less to grab their attention. Will they rent your vacation home or move onto the next ad? It's a simple: The better photos you have, the more interested a renter becomes, and the more expected they will request about your home.

    4) get prepared. It'll make your life much easier in the long run. Keep complete records of all communications and bookings on a database and maintain a good filing system on your computer.

    5) Get the most from your paid listings. Put up 12 quality photos, write descriptions that really sell your vacation home, and use the rental rates, review systems, services tables. You're not going to get as many inquiries and bookings if you’re listing are incomplete or fast thrown together.
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    hi michael, well I am reading your post and your question to my posting.,
    its true that you said,the pictures are very important before to make the reservation,but also its important the location and prices.
    but obvious the prices depends of the apartment and the location too,is not the same a ''studio'' than a loft.
    as at this moment I cant put my link,please search by google : barts ( ) or buenos aires rentals and travel services.
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    I forgot to say,
    always if you are the owner you should to ''negotiate'' the price of the property. but its different if you are broker.
    also you have to reconsider how much you spent? remodeling the apartment,furniture,gas,internet,power light,cable,freezer,maid services,laundry,etc.
    I have two years working in real estate (temporary) also I am studying real estate business.
    also the goal is when you offer than you promised. fortunately our tourists are happy!

    have a good day friend.

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