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Discussion in 'Honduras' started by annie2, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Has anyone have any idea on Cayos Cochinos vacation rentals, my sister is going there with her family for about 6 days and need a good and safe place to stay, no bother about the price but should be a nice one, hope some one will help.

    thank you- annie:)
  2. Lynnie81

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    We have a page dedicated to Cayos Cochinos. Regarding accommodation it give the following advice -

    Though there are not many Cayos Cochinos hotels, travelers can find accommodation in the small Garifuna community of Chachauate, on one of the coral cays. Amenities are basic, with no running water or electricity. Another choice in lieu of Cayos Cochinos hotels is a stay at the scientific research station on the smaller island. The dorm rooms are sometimes full of researchers and volunteers, but they often have space for independent travelers.

    Perhaps a better idea would be to stay in the nearby town of La Ceiba. Here they have a better choice of accommodation and it is easy to make the short trip over to Cayos Conchinos. If you look at the page on La Ceiba Hotels. If the budget isnt a problem the best hotel seems to be the Lodge at Pico Bonito, this is described as -

    an internationally rated luxury hotel in the heart of a natural forest. Pico Bonito Lodge offers all the amenities of a modern hotel, but the private cabins are situated in the heart of nature. Private hiking trails, butterfly and reptile observatories, and an observation tower with great views over the surrounding forest make a stay at this La Ceiba Honduras hotel a stay to remember.

    Sounds wonderful. I hope this helped
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    many thanks. how far is Roatan Island from Cayos Cochinos? do we have any access by ferry or boat between these two?
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    hi annie, we have only done a boat tour from Roatan Island to Cochinos and there are variety of inter island boat tours available, just visit the local travel agent and they'll help you to take a boat tour. The Bay Islands group consists of 3 main Islands namely Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila and many smaller island. Between these islands and the mainland are the Cayos Cochinos islands, so it's very easy to travel by boat in between them and boat trip is the best way to explore all. hope this helps!
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    thanks for all your help, my sister has booked in Las Cascades lodge and flying soon, thanks again guys.

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