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Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by Skysong46, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Skysong46

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    we are looking for a way to save money during our vacation, and I am considering other accomodation options besides hotels..what do you think about vacation rentals? where can I start looking and how much?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    The capital city of Quito and Cuenca are the best places in Ecuador to find apartment rentals. I agree also that renting an apartment will be a good idea since you will have the use of a kitchen.

    To give you an idea, Ecuador apartments are fairly affordable costing around $300 per month for a simple apartment in Cuenca, while Quito apartment rentals are slightly higher at $400 per month.

    If you have a bit of extra money to spend like $1000 per month, you will be able to get even more amenities like a swimming pool, laundry service, etc.

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