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Discussion in 'St Vincent and the Grenadines' started by some-some, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. some-some

    some-some New Member

    are most of the islands in St Vincent and the Grenadines habitable? what's the accommodation selections in the islands besides hotels?
  2. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    St Vincent is the best place in the islands to find a variety of accommodation like vacation rentals and villas. Besides St Vincent, the islands of Bequia, Canouan, Union Island and Mustique are other Grenadine islands where you can find villa rental, though not as affordable.

    Overall, St Vicent and Canouan islands are the two islands I'd recommend staying since they boast many markets, restaurants, and places to shop.
  3. larrythelobster

    larrythelobster New Member

    there are some great rental places there and yes the islands are habitable
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Some great beachside villas are available .... on some of the smaller islands, they're some of the best places to go. There aren't a lot of hotels available, so if you want to stay on the island, you'll need a rental. This article has great details about vacation rentals on this lovely island.
  5. WAllhead

    WAllhead New Member

    stay in Bequia

    I like staying in Bequia, weather is always nice there! I like visiting between December and March, though the Summer months, while slow, can also be really nice. Guess it's just a personal preference. Btw, April is one of the busiest months on the island with the Regatta sail race happening.

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