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Discussion in 'Iceland' started by Vicolette, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Iceland's scenic countryside is the perfect vacation location for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, river rafting, and sea kayaking. During the winter, along with excellent skiing conditions, anglers have the opportunity for ice-fishing, and for water lovers, swimming in Iceland is available year round. What would you like to do or see in Iceland?
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    I haven't been to Iceland, but I hear that Reykjavik is quite a modern, friendly welcoming city. I was wondering when it starts getting really dark there. I know that it has a ton of light in the summertime, but when does it start waning? Is Reykjavik really dark in the winter?
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    Mid winter, which runs from October to February, has fewer daylight hours. December and January average only 4 hours of daylight. During this time of year, the Northern Lights are visible. During mid summer, just the opposite happens with June and July being the months with limited to no darkness. This phenomenon is known as the Midnight Sun. A visit to Iceland Iceland, during these times offers some interesting scenic skies.
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    travel to Iceland in the winter

    this is true about having only 4-5 hours of daylight in the winter, which sounds like very little daylight time for doing things. however, the goo thing about traveling to iceland in the winter is that you willl find as much as 50% reductions in prices of tour packages.

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