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Discussion in 'Poland' started by Ultimatum22, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Ultimatum22

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    If you didn't know it's an offence in Poland to travel on the bus or tram without first validating your ticket.You need to validate the ticket as soon as you board the bus or tram. The problem here is that as soon as your ticket expires, you will need to validate another one. My advice is buy a 24/48 hr ticket rather than a 30, 45, 1 hr ticket to avoid this issue.
  2. kevinferguson

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    Yep, they do not mess around. They will fine you and telling them you're a tourist wont' cut it with them. So yeah, stamp your ticket or face a fine. Worst part is that you won't be able to find an available validating machine always so you will need to find one before boarding. Beware of plainclothes ticket inspectors too.
  3. HikersBootz

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    The thing to remember is that anyone can get on a bus, tram, train, underground whether they have a ticket or not. There are no turnstiles and you do not have to show their ticket before they enter. If you get fined and refuse to give them your personal data for issuing a fine they call in the police.

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