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Discussion in 'Egypt' started by ert13, Aug 8, 2008.

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    hi all, I am a doing my post graduation in Boston and planning to visit valley of the kings with my 4 friends in late December. We are doing research on historical places and recently impressed with this place. We are arriving to Cairo airport on 23rd December and next to luxor, staying there for 2 nights and heading to valley of the kings, spending a day here and like to visit some other places nearby, so suggest some interesting historical ancient places for us, so that we would be very happy to do our research, expecting advises soon:)
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    Luxor has its own temple, then there is also Karnak, its very close to the valley of the Kings and Queens. But be advised that you'll only get a half day at these places, you'll be finished by lunch. After that the sun gets too hot to be walking around in. There is also an impressive museum.

    The pyramids are all up the North near Cairo.

    Other places like Abu Simbel are further away and you'll need to travel.
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    I had a short break at Luxor and visited statues of Amun and Mut -Luxor Temple, A long avenue of sphinxes and open air museum. May this could help for your resesrch. The open air museum has many monuments and it is one of the worlds greatest museum. Also temples of Luxor, Tombs of the Nobles, Workers Tombs at Deir El Medina, Medinet Habu, Colossi of Memnon, Ramesseum, Deir El Bahari complex are some of them that I can suggest for your research, hope you will have wonderful Luxor holidays!
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    thank you for all your responses, i could try to visit all museums as you all said, may be i will get more information for my research, hope so:) see you soon guys..
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    hello sir .. is nice to visit our country .. to go to Luxer you will find many to see of temples and histroy cos this city till aswan have like 25 % of tempels all over world .. i suggest for you to have Nile Criuse from ASWAN TO lUXER .. i can get yuou best rates of that .. yiou can email me

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