Vdara Death Ray

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos' started by wanderer, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    The desert sun is hot in Las Vegas, but at Vdara (and others with energy-efficient windows) it's too bright. Some guests are reporting that it's super-hot and even melting plastic. It all comes down to the windows at
    the Vdara . For 90 minutes a day, the building's curve reflects the sunlight down and makes it really hot. Officials are trying to reflect this heat with greenery and umbrellas.
  2. qarimow

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    Vdara deadly sunrays

    when i first heard this i thought it was a joke... but it actually turns out to be true as the some guests at the Vdara hotel have come forwards and complained of receiving severe burns from the intense spot of sunlight reflected off the building..geez talking about getting a fast tan (lol)
  3. CocoaButter0

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    ugly-looking Vdara hotel

    whoever was in charged of designing the Vdara should be sued to be honest..what kind of architect designs a hotel with magnifying glass in the middle of a desert? Anyways, ijn all honesty the Vdara and the other hotels similar are simply ugly, hard edged and unfriendly looking, dont you think? thankfully these glass structures weren't designed to last more than 50 years so hopefully they can be replaced rather quickly!
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    Vdara lying like that

    it's funny because the Vdara actually denies the whole thing! they say that the pool deck gets hot in “certain locations,†but of course, that's a load of baloney! Even employees are being told to say that there is no such thing as the Death Ray..what a sad state of affairs Vdara lying like that!

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