Vegas hotels hook up with loyalty programs

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Hook Ups' started by ebachpakl, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. ebachpakl

    ebachpakl New Member

    Good news guys for all you loyalty program fans... MGM properties have hooked up with Hyatt's loyalty program; while Caesars has hooked up with Starwood's program.
  2. Kidtonto

    Kidtonto New Member

    yeah but if you're a small gamer it won't be great for you so the casino loyalty programs like MGM and Total Rewards you can forget. BConnected is a better reward program for low budget, low rollers...

  3. hDready

    hDready New Member

    Boyd and Station Casinos are also great for low level players and they offer great perks. The California, Fremont and Main Street Station downtown are all Boyd and they offer 3 free meals each day, free room nights and charter flight packages.

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