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    My Japanese fiance's family (mother and sister) is coming to CA for the first time from March 14-26. We have not seen each other for a year now, and don't know when we will meet again.

    I want to make this the experience of a lifetime, while still being affordable (I am a college senior with 3 jobs and 6 classes right now).

    I want to take them to SD (2 days, where I live), LA (2 days), Las Vegas (4 days), and the Bay Area (San Fran (4 days) in these 12 days.

    I plan to drive around, so if there's any spots I should hit on the way, please let me know!

    Any recommendations on how to get the best deals for the hotels, shows, restaurants, attractions, etc. would be much appreciated!

    I am fine with staying in a nice suite (share with 4 person) for half the time, and the other half with 2 rooms (so me and her can have alone time).

    Thank you so much.

    For Vegas, I plan to just use the half of ticket deal since we will stay there for 4 days.

    I welcome all your help and hints and tips.

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