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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by VegasEd, Aug 25, 2006.

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    The nightlife scene INVEGAS has runneth over into the daylight hours even more over the past few years. Afterhours was always big INVEGAS, since the days of Drink and Utopia... if you never heard of those, they are looong gone, but legendary in the establishment of Vegas nightlife and the connections to those establishments today include top brass in almost every club in town...everyone is merely one or two degrees separation from Drink and/or Utopia

    So, the after hours began to include sunrise sessions at Utopia and afterwards, it wasn't uncommon to come out of Drai's and get blinded by the sun, causing you to crawl back into your hole like a vampire until dusk come the next day....however..

    A few years ago Hard Rock Hotel decided they wanted to capitalize on the numerous partiers who wanted to extend their weekend at least a few more hours, if not one more day (this was especially the case with the SoCal crowd who pours into Vegas every weekend)...thus the dawning of Rehab, the Sunday afternoon pool party scene that has since become a mainstay....several others attempted to copy this formula using night and day pool parties, to limited success, until recently....

    This summer has seen the genesis of several other pool parties created under the spell of "nightlife"...the natural extension at the Hard Rock brought RELAX, a more relaxed pool scene catering to the local industry peeps on Mondays....also, the creation of VENUS at Caesar's on Mondays....more recently, we saw the adding of DITCH (as in ditch your work on Friday and come to the pool), the Palms Hotel's offering that began since industry movers Michael Fuller and David Rivera were brought into the N9NEgroup's staff....finally, we saw a late entry to the summer pool parties with the successful launch of WHISPER on Thursdays at TI (formerly known as Treasure Island)....

    So, you can now attend a party every night and keep partying at the pool from Thursday-Mondays...looks like you wil never lose that buzz!
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    Wow...if only Seattle would have things like that! haha. Although, the weather is almost always unreliable. Ah, go figure. Guess that's why everyone goes to Vegas!
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    These days, the pool parties have become a tradition in Las Vegas. The Hard Rock is really going strong, and many of the other hotels have gotten in the pool party game. There's a long list available at Destination 360's website.

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