VEGAS NIGHTCLUBS which is better

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  1. emilythomas003

    emilythomas003 New Member

    A group of us is heading to Vegas and will be looking for a club with a good crowd and a lot of fun. Please suggest.
  2. Qaretop

    Qaretop New Member

    there are a ton of great clubs in all depends on your tastes to know which Las Vegas dance club will best fit your group of friends. Are you guys looking for a club with a "celebrity" hangout or some place where you chill and socialize without much noise? What kind of music are you into: techno trance, dance, hip hop?
  3. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    best place to enjoy a drink in Vegas

    is it your first time in Vegas?

    if so, be sure you have deep matter where you go party or lounging in Vegas, you'll find that drinks will be overpriced in the nicest bars/ clubs like Tao, Pure, Moon, Rain and Vanity. Of course, you can get pretty cheap drinks at a lot of the bars like the Ghostbar at the Palms, which plays good music (mostly hip-hop and pop) and not that techno-headache stuff!
  4. LBJ44

    LBJ44 New Member

    times Las Vegas nightclubs are open

    Be in the know that some popular nightclubs in Vegas have closed down over the years...For instance, Blush, Studio 54, Crystal’s Eve, Club Nikki and RPM. The Palm’s Playboy Club is also closing down this year (i think in June). Also, you should know that most Vegas clubs are open between 10.30 pm and 4:30 am, though some venues sometimes stay open till 6 am depending on attendance.

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