Vegas Nightlife - How To Skip the Lines and be a VIP

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    Since there are often questions about how to handle things/not wait in lines at clubs, etc., I put together a few thoughts and protocol for you:

    Tip the host/doorman between $10-$20 a person you are trying to get in the door...a lot of the time this will also get you through admission and expediate your wait time...

    Always put the girls in your party UP you may already know, they are "club currency", especially if they are all dolled up and's a simple fact of life...if you can arrange for one of the girls to do the tipping, it will add even more to the success rate of the process....

    Show up early!..depending on the night you should generally show up around 10-11pm..this is when the crowds are forming but they arent at their frantic pace quite yet...there are some exceptions when you should get ther even earlier like at a hot club on its hot night (i.e. Pure on Tuesday, TAO on Thursday, Body English or Moon on Sunday...)..showing up early also allows you the the best spots for "people watching" as the club fills up

    Correct ratios of females to males range from 2-1 to 3-1..the more girls the better....on a busy saturday at prime time, even a party of all girls must be patient

    Dont get patient..and NEVER NEVER be rude to the doormen/hosts or you will not be enjoying that club that night (or longer)

    For the ultimate in Vegas nightlife experience GET a table with bottle service!'s usually an unsurpassable and extremely enjoyable will get the best service and hospitality (make sure you show your appreciate to your host and servers)..I usually only play this way, as it also helps build rapport with employees of the club for the next visit..usually the number of people per bottle ranges from 3-4 per bottle (depending on the club/night/f-to-m ratio etc)...

    Say thank you often and be generous ALWAYS...after all, you want to come back don't you?...think long-term relationships and didn't come to Vegas to stand around in lines all night did you? will be amazed when you come back in six months and your are remembered, BY NAME sometimes....hosts and doormen are professionals and that's what they do, remember people, both good AND they remember you is up to YOU...

    Hope that helps!..if you want specific answers, let me know


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