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    Spent 4 days at New York New York (which was really nice) in May. Had a great time because the weather was just right...not too hot and not too cool. Enjoyed walking the strip and visiting the other casinos.

    Went on a day bus trip to the west end of the Grand Canyon. Altho it was a long day the bus ride was comfortable. Our bus driver/tour guide was very nice. No where online did they explain how the trip to see the GC worked. Everything was going well until we got nearer to the site. Our bus driver told us that we would be shuting off the air conditioning in the bus. Why do you ask? Well, the only way to get to the West End would be a 14 mile DIRT road that is very dusty. When a car or bus is in front of you or passes you the dust is awful. Our driver said he forgot his mask. I wasn't sure why until we turned on the road. (Lucky it wasn't an extremely hot day with the air husband has breathing problems & we were in the first seat.) So, lucky for him he was able to wet a cloth and hold it over his mouth.

    It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but then again it wasn't beastly hot out. If it had been and with the air off for 14 miles it could have been worse. Once we got to the area where they let us off it was fine. We walked to another bus that took us to the first area to see. Then you get on another bus and they take you to the area where the glass walkway is. Awesome. We walked all around, had lunch & just enjoyed the view.

    All in all, the day trip was great. It was a long day but well worth the trip.
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