Venice bans cruise ships

Discussion in 'Italy' started by KalistoFlockhart, Aug 19, 2014.

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    So called “skyscrapers of the sea†will be banned from Venice’s historic centre from 2015 after the Italian government has been forced to address public concern regarding these large cruise liners' impact on the lagoon city’s fragile environment. What do you think of this? I personally think safety wise, if one of these huge ships lost its ability to stop...imagine.
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    Well I do not see the ban working because Venice is hugely important to the cruising industry. Even then, the ban is only for ships that are 40k tonnes. There'll be still cruises going to Venice but only 4-5 ships per day.
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    I think their massive size overwhelms the local architecture, and the "stuff" they're spewing into the water (officially and unofficially) isn't so great either. They've been caught numerous times discharging gross fuel and sewage in places they shouldn't be. Hopefully, they can dock somewhere else, and people can pop over to Venice by bus on a short drive.

    google on cruise ships dump sewage to see reports on the different companies - apparently Disney did the least harm!
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    They don't call them poop cruises for no reason. Me personally I don't do cruises. I mean who really lieks being all cooked up inside a boat for 40 days and 40 nights?


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