Venice Carnevale 2013

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Vicolette, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Carnevale/Mardi Gras season is gearing up to be another spectacular year of costumes, masks, parades, parties, and o going entertainment. Beginning January 26 thru February 12 the Carnevale of Venice will be in full swing. If you plan to be in the city during this annual celebration, make plans to take part in the many festivities. Check here for the official site and info.
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    Forgot all about Venice Carnivale...why do all great events happen at the same time? Mardi Gras, Rio's carnival, Venice carnivale, etc. Would love to travel to Venice during carnivale week but im worried that it won't be nice since it'll be winter...What's the vibe like in Venice when it's cold? Are all the cafes and bars jam packed at night ?
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    I know! And these are just two of many celebrations around the globe. If you're worried about the weather, you can always head to the sunshine state and Universal Studios Orlando from February 9 through April 20 for the parks mega Mardi Gras party. There will be floats, parades, costumes, authentic Cajun food, the French Quarter Courtyard, and a serious line up of musical entertainment.
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    Carnival of Venice 2013

    Along with Rio's Carnival, the annual Carnival of Venice is one of my favorites because of the Flight of the Angel traditional event where a girl in red descends upon Saint Mark Square from the belfry. Anyone's seen it before?

    Apparently, the red colour of her dress this year was chosen because it symbolizes fire which is the motto of the 2013 Venice Carnival.
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    I feel like Carnival in Venice is a little bit too talked up! Keep in mind that they don't have roads there for floats to pass! In fact, the streets are so narrow, it's difficult for people to pass! Unfortunately, St. Mark's Square is much more crowded than in the summer season, but this time it's cold! The masks and costumes are indeed beautiful though. If you are fortunate to find accommodations during this time, you can stay for the nighttime festivities, although I can't imagine them being as crazy as it can get in Rio. And the bars are definitely jam-packed. If you're heading out of the city for the evening, make sure you get to the train station EARLY - at least 1-2 hours before. Some of the last regional trains run around 8 p.m., and it turns into chaos as everyone tries to squeeze through one tiny door. Sometimes there's not enough room for everyone!
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    wow thank you guys this might help me next time...

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