Venice Carnival 2012

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    Anyone heading to Venice during February 11 through the 21 will be in the midst of Carnival time! Every day, there will be something to do and see. There's the Pub Crawl Venetian style, gala dinner and ball, Grand ball, concert, and a masquerade and all that is just on Saturday! You'll see some of the most beautiful and elaborate costumes and masks at this very festival Venice Carnival. Music, dancers, entertainment, food, and a full schedule of events will keep you busy.
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    Venice for Carnival

    My wife and I have booked plane ticket and hotel to Venice for Carnival. have you got any recommendations for balls, galas, costume rentals, etc?
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    costume rentals for carnival in venice

    You can buy or rent a costume for the carnival in Venice almost anywhere in Venice such as Ca’ del Sol who sells masks and costumes in the 18th century style for the theatre and the carnival, of excellent quality. There is also the Atelier Tiepolo who sell over 300 costumes, including wigs and accessories from the 15th to 20th.
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    buying a costume for Venice Carnival

    Overall, you can expect to pay for 24 hour costume rental around 500 Euros, though the simplest costumes can be rented for about 150 Euros. If you want to buy a costume, you can expect to pay between 2500 Euros.
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    Each day of the celebration is filled with events. To take a look so you can plan which parties, balls, parades, and events to go to, check out the website. A google search using, Venice Carnival Italy 2012 will give you the direct link. It's worth looking at because there is just so much going on. Have a great time!
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  6. lifelive

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    Venice Carnival 2012 dates

    I am planning to go to Venice for the carnival...can anyone please tell me where I can get the full calendar of events? and what are the carnival dates? Also, what will be the best days of the carnival to take photos of masked participants?

    Any help and other info would be appreciated! thank you
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    Venice Carnival 2012: Feb 11 to 21

    Venice Carnival 2012 will take place between February 11th - February 21th, but the full calendar of events is not available yet. As far as being able to photograph the masked paraders you will find almost impossible and almost unbearable due to a horde of tourists.

    I'd advice you head to Venice just before the official start of the carnival since many masks will be out on the streets already and you will have a better chance at taking photos.
  8. lifelive

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    going to Venice for Carnival

    thanks bag2free...i appreciate ur quick response. I think I'll do just that and book the trip to be in Venice a few days before the carnival officially kicks:)
  9. mitraveler

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    When is Venice Carnevale?

    Thank you for posting this. I was going to see if anyone knew the Venice Carnival Dates 2012. It looks like it's starting soon--Feb. 11-12. That's this weekend!
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    I looked at the official Website and I am quite overwhelmed with the number of activities in the program. Does anyone have some recommendations for the 18th and 19th? Also, some of the events are paid, i.e. the concert on Saturday night, do I need to purchase tickets in advance or will they be available at the sites? I appreciate any tips!
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    I regret that i am reading this post after 21st feb. Obviously i missed the chance of Venice Carnival 2012 :(
    But i must say, Venice itself as a whole should be a wonder of the world. So beautifully engineered and maintained city, well i have never seen such a remarkable place ever in my life. Can't wait to go back there again.

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