Venice Tourist Travel Card prices

Discussion in 'Italy' started by bodymy, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. bodymy

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    If you plan to get around Venice and its surrounding areas, I recommend getting a tourist travel card as they will allow unlimited travel on both water buses and land buses. The pricing is as follows:

    1 DAY (24hrs): €20
    2 DAYS (48hrs): €30
    3 DAYS (72hrs): €40
    7 DAYS: €60
    3 DAYS YOUTH CARD: €20
  2. bongoDas

    bongoDas New Member

    single waterbus fares on vaporetti and motoscafi for tourists are extortionate. You really need one of these tourist cards to lessen the damage. whatever you do, don't buy more time than you need because you shouldn't need to ride the vaporetto all the time. Venice attractions are located in a very small area!
  3. everyday34

    everyday34 New Member

    Great tips! Do buy the card in advance as time on the card doesn't start until you scan or swipe it the first time.I also suggest planning your trip there smartly. For instance, if you were to buy a one day travel card to visit Murano's glass factories, you can also use it to take a ride up the Grand Canal on a vaporetto.

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