Vermont's Civil War heritage

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    The War between the states affected more than the places we think about. Now, 150 years later, historic sites throughout Vermont are honoring the state's connection to that life-changing conflict. Many of the state's citizens were active abolitionists and the locals worked hard to help former slaves get a nice life, sending blankets to the soldiers in need and helping all they could. Places like the Shelburne Museum, a popular daytrip from Burlington, have special exhibits. You can visit the birthplace of Stephen Douglas, tour the state house, built just before the war broke out, and visit Hildene, the home of Abraham Lincoln's son.

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    I agree Vermont is a good place to understand the Civil War in such a beautiful setting because Vermont didn't see any battle wars. Rather, it was the place where the soldiers lived, came home to die, where soldiers were recruited, etc.
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    St Albans Raid

    The most notorious Civil War incident in Vermont was the St Albans Raid in St Albans on October 19 in 1864 where a few Confederate soldiers raided the town and stole a bunch of money from the town's banks. There was a movie made about this called The Raid, which was loosely based on this event.

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