Vietnam tours from Hong Kong

Discussion in 'China' started by mitraveler, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Many of the escorted tours visit both of these places on the same tour. Or you could take a three-week tour and see mainland China, Hong Kong and Vietnam on the same visit. Think of all the culture you could soak up on this tour.

    Have any of you visited both Hong Kong and Vietnam on the same vacation?
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    i have been to both HK and Vietnam, though on separate trips. I could've visited both HK and Vietnam on a cruise but decided that it might be best to stick to one place at the time. Glad I did actually! You won;t really get to see as much if you're visiting both HK and Vietnam on the same vacation in my opinion...
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    i kinda agree with the last poster, though if you plan it well it can work out. Not sure about escorted tours but by looking at prices you can expect to pay around $5000 upwards for around 2-3 weeks which isn't too bad. If you were to do it yourself i would expect $1000 a week spending money, excluding airfares, train fares, public transport and accomodation.
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    Hong Kong to Vietnam

    I have visited both Hong Kong and Vietnam on the same vacation and I suggest you go first to HK and then Vietnam. You can catch the train but I recommend first going to Macau (by ferry), then cross the border to Zhuhai by foot. Then getting the bus to Kaiping to Nanning and then train or bus to Hanoi from there.

    also, if you plan to visit mainland China you'll need to apply for a tourist visa which you need to apply before hand. You also need a visa for Vietnam but you can get one once you land there.

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