Viking River Cruises coming to the Mississippi River

Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by talesofthe, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. talesofthe

    talesofthe New Member

    It looks like Viking River will be cruising the Mississippi River in the fall of 2015, though they haven't confirmed a 2015 launch date. Viking will start taking reservations in the spring of 2014. The Port of Red Wing Minnesaota will be one of the stops in the itineary.
  2. unkle77

    unkle77 New Member

    As far as I know, the Mississippi River is already sailed by the Queen of the Mississippi and the American Queen. Both boats sail the Mississippi from New Orleans to Minneapolis/St. Paul and cruise sections of the Ohio, Cumberland or Tennessee rivers as well.
  3. YrLiveTV

    YrLiveTV New Member

    Very good news indeed... the ship they are actually building is gonna be larger than the 190-passenger ships Viking is building for European river cruises.
  4. Presidente6666

    Presidente6666 New Member

    Oddly enough, from researching their itineraries thus far neither American Cruise Lines or American Queen Steamboat Company branch off and go west onto the Missouri from St. Louis.


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